AIS Construction Equipment
Complete Architecture Refresh

  • Major ground-level and up architecture changes during a 3 month solo project.
  • Enterprise 3 tier networking, SD-WAN, MPLS with iBGP, everything HA except Access Switches.
  • Built & deployed from zero configuration:
    • SAN storage with Replication
    • Fiber Storage Network
    • 10G distribution network
    • 2x ESXi clusters, all hosts with 10G + Fiber networks
    • Core Routers with Static, Dynamic Routes & STP
    • 12x Meraki 48p switches, Racked, Stacked, with Dual Pair HA 10G aggregate links to distribution switch HA pair.
  • Replaced 2 failing Cisco Firewalls on IOS with Firepower modules to Cisco Firepower Firewalls running NextGen FXOS.
  • Reconfigured MPLS & changed iBGP to OSPF