Gekko Inc.
Virtualization & O365 Migration Project

  • Server 2022 Hyper-V Installation with 2 new Server 2022 Virtual Machines, Office 365 Migration, New Firewall Install, Mesh Wireless Upgrade & Enterprise Backups
  • Consulted, then completed the installation and configuration of several technologies.
  • Setup Windows Server 2022 Hyper-V virtualization host with two Windows Server 2022 virtual machines on new Dell Server hardware remote utilizing iDrac and other remote access services.
  • Ubiquiti Firewall and WAP blind-install with UniFi software, upgraded from consumer hardware.
  • Complete On-Prem Exchange to Office 365 Migration. < 50 users, < 100 Mailboxes, Full Office upgrades & licensing assistance.
  • Fully integrated 3rd party SPAM filtering smart host & reconfigured all internal devices from IIS6 SMTP relay to Smart Host relay with authentication IP Access control.
  • We Can’t forget about SPF, DKIM and DMARC! Setup those as well.
  • Hybrid Azure AD configuration with Full Cloud Exchange.
  • Acronis installation for Hyper-V hosts, Virtual Machine & Office 365 backups.
  • Migrated several domains across multiple hosts with Name Servers, Domain Names, SSL Certs & Web Data.
  • Consolidation of services into one location saved client nearly $700/Yr in recurring Hosting, SSL and Domain Registration fees.